craeonics: I think that harkes back to a previous millennium
RedBoo: I did use CodeName2 by Base2 of Binary Productions back in the day. The version I used was the 2.x one with no plugin support.
craeonics: That old WindowMaker wharf is a relic from the 90s I haven't seen in ages
RedBoo: I use Linux at work. I haven't touched Windows in… a few months, I think. That said, with the dock in the side, it feels like an old LS warf theme. :P
RedBoo: I have the dock on the right and hot corners set to a few things. There are a lot of news sites requesting a dark theme. I use the quick look fullscreen whenever possible; nice and black.



In order to keep the front page light, ‘old news’ will periodically be tranfered to the archive. Something, which is ofcourse rather obvious, but I needed some filler text, else it'd look so empty.

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