crae_news: [2016.05.15] [release] Rainlendar 2.14 beta 148 [link]
craeonics: I think that harkes back to a previous millennium
RedBoo: I did use CodeName2 by Base2 of Binary Productions back in the day. The version I used was the 2.x one with no plugin support.
craeonics: That old WindowMaker wharf is a relic from the 90s I haven't seen in ages
RedBoo: I use Linux at work. I haven't touched Windows in… a few months, I think. That said, with the dock in the side, it feels like an old LS warf theme. :P


food fresh from the fridge

News backends allow other sites to see what's going on on your site. In fact, sites like the Daily Rotation consist of nothing else than news feeds gathered from various sites.

Ofcourse, we couldn't stay behind and ignore this, especially, seeing that people actually used our old feed.

Feeds exist in various formats. We currently only use RSS 0.91, primarily because I am too lazy to scope out the other varieties. Yes, I am quite aware it has long been superceded.

today's dishes:

  • fridge feed (RSS 0.91): the last five (or so) news items on our front page. Since news is hand crafted, so too is this feed, therefore it can lag a bit.
  • soapbox feed (RSS 0.91): that's right, the mindless chatter in our soapbox on the left. God knows what people need this for, but it was requested.
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