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babyafied: what's all the fuss about aafuss?


What's all the fuss about Aafuss

Okay some of us have seen the threads amongst alllll the various message boards and now it's time to find out more about Aafuss!

Tek: Hello Aafuss, thank you for meeting with me to do this interview for Teknidermy, I appreciate it. Need I even say people are very curious about just who you are? So lets start off with a few personal questions on that subject shall we? What is your real name?

Aafuss: Anthony Sullivan

Tek: How old are you anyways?

Aafuss: 14

Tek: Where do you live?

Aafuss: Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia

Tek: What kind of experience do you have with programming?

Aafuss: I bought books on VB 6 programming. and 2 years-since Jan 2000, and I received VB6 in April 2000 for Windows programming.

Tek: So you started at only 12 years old? And have Visual Basic programming knowledge to build on, I think that is great, and you seem serious about this so you should do good, however how does all this negative feedback the community is giving you make you feel? Does it make you disappointed “or” more determined to create a program that will shut everyone up! =)

Aafuss: I think I should learn from any mistakes I made and I am determined to make a better, easy to use and pratical applications like a word processor or a complete replacment for explorer.exe

Tek: What exactly is this Babya OS and what is the purpose of it? And do you want to share a little of its history with us?

Aafuss: It is a shell replacement that resembles the Mac OS interface and it includes various features like a text editor that you can copy text into a printing program called “Print Centre” which can print multiple pages of text. It is has its own help system and a labels featurte can change the color of the buttons on the Babya System desktop. Also many of its functions are include standalone — so you can use them without starting Babya System.

The purpose is to allow users to have the Mac OS interface on their Windows computer for free and enjoy the look of it without having to use a Macintosh.

Babya System history: First version: 7.10. Versions not released to the public: 3- v 7.5 and v 10.1.1, 10.0.2 (became 10.1 in May 2002). First version to feature a printing function: 10.0.1. Features removed:Setup Assistant (10.0), 'Skins' (v 11.0 Public Preview), BabyaTime (v 8.0- was able to run from the 8.0 installer), Map.exe (v 9.0) The control panel was orginally all in one- version 9.0 used a tab system.

Tek: Well I'm not too sure who has or has not seen a screenshot of this Babya System so would you mind sharing a screenshot?

Aafuss: Yes, it will be of the upcoming version, version 11. Also, here is a screenshot of a MP3 player for Babya System 11

Tek: I don't recall anything positive being said about Babya OS? Or I may have missed those, but do you have anyone that is standing behind you and supporting you and this Baby OS?

Aafuss: I do have some users that have tried a public preview version (of v11) that I released on one of my MSN groups I have.

Tek: So what kind of positive feedback from people have you actually received, that keeps you motivated and on track with wanting to further develop the Babya System?

Aafuss: Well Morouxshi San gave me the idea for the launcher. I haven't really received some positive feedback, mostkly negative feedback — but with v 11 it could change. I am currently working on a new build of v11 Public Preview and I will further develop Babya System by adding advanced features — i.e. a login system.

Tek: What are your goals? Will you only be concentrating on this Babya OS? or do you have plans for other things? If so what kind of things are you working on?

Aafuss: My goal for Babya System to make it compatible to work with XP — so the launcher will function correctly on XP and include a login system and you will be able to customize the desktop to suit your needs and also support for adding items to the launcher-and saving those settings — so when you log in, you will have your customized desktop the way it was when you customized — for v 11 you can hid the desktop's clock and launcher. I'll be working on a desktop application launcher in a multimedia authoring tool, called Multimedia Builder 3.0. and a login system for Babya System 11.

I was also working on a launcher projet with someone — but it wasn't very functional. I'm currently working on a desktop launcher just for personal use and then maybe a simple word processor.

Tek: Can you give more details or explain alittle better about this Multimedia Builder 3.0 you mentioned?

Aafuss: It is a application that allows you to create your own multimedia applications and it's very easy to use. I got it for free (after registering at a website) from PCPlus (a UK mag that I buy) and also recently I got MediaChance RealDraw Pro 1.5 from the same magazine, which I use to design graphics for my programs.

Tek: Do you have any support from friends or people in the skinning community that are working with you to help make graphics for the programs that you are trying to develop? As you'll not only need a good purpose and functional program, but also one that has a lot of eye appeal…

Aafuss: Actually, I design my own graphics for my programs and I also can create icons with CursorArts IconForge 4.9 (got it for free from a UK magazine — it's a icon editor). Well at Deskmod, people have made their own Babya System screenshots — which I view and has really helped me get some ideas for the design of Babya Finder — now Babya bDesktop.

Tek: Are you planning on taking up classes to get further with programming or do you have other plans?

Aafuss: I plan to learn more VB programming tips and tricks on the Internet and learn new things what I can do in VB6.

Tek: What are some of your other Hobbies that you enjoy doing in your past time? Such as sports or gamming?

Aafuss: Reading books — recently I picked up a really old MS Word book for 50c and I enjoy playing MS Flight Simulator.

Tek: Can you tell us what are your favorite programs?

Aafuss: My favourites programs are Microsoft Word, MS Works, Corel Draw Essentials and Visual Basic 6.

Tek: Why do people keep saying “Teddy” to you when they see you post something?

Aafuss: It started at Shellcity.net's forum where Bob wanted to try an experiement by replying Teddy and then other people started doing and it spread to other forums.

Tek: Oh so Bob of Shellcity started the Teddy thing, well how does that make you feel hearing that over and over again? And why do you keep posting back to them even though you have all these people saying Teddy to you to irritate you? Is it your determination and love for programming or what?

Aafuss: Yes, it is my determination and love for programming that will overcome this sometime, in the near future.

Tek: So all the negativity in the skinning community does not discourage you from progressing in programming. That's good!

Tek: What exactly are your goals and what do you wish to obtain let's say 5 years from now when you're 19 years old? Are you going to be taking more programming classes or do you have other ambitions in life?

Aafuss: My goals are to produce software that is worthy of being sold commercially in stores. I will learn more VB and I may upgrade to Windows XP and make my software exclusively for that version.

Tek: What brought you into the Skinning Community?

Aafuss: I wanted to see how people can customize applications so they look really cool and get ideas for any programs that I may create.

Tek: Do you make skins at all? Do you have any skins you made and keep on your hard drive privately?

Aafuss: No, because of copyright reasons (i.e. Aqua skins) and I would get into trouble by artists/companies relating to unauthorised use of graphics, logo, visual design.

Tek: How do you feel about the Skinning Community? I mean the people you have met on the various message boards? Do you find them helpful or just rude and mean or what?

Aafuss: Some of them are rude, especially sometimes when I have questions aBout VB, But I also get useful information from people who provide helpful and pratical answers.

Tek: Well it's good to hear you're getting some help out there around in skin town...

Tek: Well thanks again Anthony for taking the time to talk to me and clarifying some questions I had about you!

Anddd there you have it! Seems Aafuss is not a bot, not a joke, nor a prank, just someone very young with a strong ambition and love for programming and looking for help… Surprise! Surprise! (well maybe not a surprise for some)

Me personally I'm hoping Anthony grows up and becomes a “Zillionaire Programmer” and everyone says “Isn't that zillionaire the Aafuss guy that used to spam all the message boards with that Babya System a long time ago?” (alright, so I tend to be a bit of a Dreamer)

At any rate, Tek wishes Anthony much success with his future programming! =)

— Doreen, July 15th 2002

Let's start off by quoting people's private emails. Guess who said this about aafuss:

"I really don't know crae for sures, but last night and today when I seen
everyone "still" teasing this kid on that thread it ticked me off... "what
if" it is really just a determined kid trying to get help from some adults?
those little remarks they are saying to him could hurt alot more then just
his feelings!"

craeonics {07.18.2002|06.37}

*Doreen shoots crae! hehe

Doreen {07.18.2002|07.21}

hmmm... well, despite what some were saying, i always said i was sure he was not a bot. for a while i really did think he was playing a joke on everyone. i guess it's pretty clear that's not the case.

everyone here does realize, don't they, that this babya program doesn't do anything. i mean, that's been said many many times in all the threads everywhere. and by 'not doing anything' i don't mean it figuratively or anything. it quite literally does nothing. you see buttons, but when they are pressed nothing happens. you can choose commands and nothing happens. the information shown about your computer, your drive, any of the files, etc. is all just hard-coded text.. it's not actually showing you anything about your computer.

i guess my biggest problem with all this is how he totally ignores anyone who is giving him genuine advice. i mean.. it's all well and good to ask for help, and say you're trying to learn, but when you consistently and unreservedly throw the advice back in the helpers' faces it gets old pretty fast.

example - the apple icon thing. he asks the reasonable question "can i use these old mac icons in my program?" several people took time and effort to carefully answer him. no, they explained [very clearly and -nicely-] no one can use those. those icons are little graphics created as a specific part of their os, and are copyrighted rather than being merely trademarks, so nobody can use them.

his response? several variations of "but, i really want to.." again, people explained carefully and plainly. the response? "would someone please send them to me?" i think that's where most people had enough. dozens of people had carefully explained he couldn't do it. not only was he not going to follow their advice, but he was actively trying to find a way to go against what they had all said. this perfectly fits the classic definition of 'throwing it in their face.'

some remained calm... patient, even. they explained he was requesting people to break the law. he ingnored them and continued. he asked jafo to write apple for him, and request permission to use the icons. jafo explained, very carefully, that this was no use... and, besides, if he wanted to ask apple, he should do it himself. well, he had tried and they ignored him. [hmm.. ironic, isn't it] jafo explained, again very carefully, that it really wasn't his place to be shooting off letters to companies asking for things on people's behalf. at this point, rather than thanking him for his time, he became critical of jafo for not helping him. for a lot of people, this was the last straw, and it's easy to see why.

darth migellito {07.18.2002|08.32}

yesss I do understand that mig, but hopefully the interview may show why he may have had this behaviour as some ppl guessed him to be:
1. Old enough to understand the ways of the world
2. Old enough to listen
(I'm still not old enough to listen) hehe

Doreen {07.18.2002|09.43}

Actually one other thought had occured to me during this interview, I don't think the first OS worked properly either when it too was created... (nor was it created by a 14 yo) come to think of it? my OS is Still not working properly and Mr. MS don't listen to me either! hehe =)
(and now I have to restart my OS cuz my scroll on the right is messed up when I changed my windows back to Olive it did not take!) argh!

Doreen {07.18.2002|09.52}

Seriously, how many times did we all knowingly ignore good advice when we were 13?
Repeatedly too!

THe net offers us all the incredible opportunity to grow up in public.
We expect certain modes of behaviour from all netizens, whether or not it's realistic to expect that level of behaviour or not.

I can't wait till Darth Migellito's little Annikens get old enough to want the keys to the car!!!!!


"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

Bad_kenray {07.18.2002|09.56}

I'm not 13 now and I Still ignore so called good advice and I'm really liking this bold tag alot lately... hehe =)

Doreen {07.18.2002|17.05}

My favorite line in the interview is the first version was 7.10............ LOL

Koasati {07.18.2002|18.33}

Uh... Aafuss's memory of how "Teddy" got started is quite different from mine. (All the threads are still there if you want to search the Shell City forums for "Teddy" or "Aafus."

The members of the board started replying "Teddy" when Aafus would spam the board yet again with this program that did nothing, and the spamming wouldn't have been so bad, except he'd do it in the middle of ANY thread, no matter what it was about. It was like he didn't really understand the concept of threads or subject matter forums, but ok... He was banned, finally, the first time for the spamming. But then when we let him back on (we LIKED the guy--he wasn't mean or evil, and we thought in his peculiqar way, he's give us another point of view of the things we discuss), he just started spamming his program to us in every thread.... So we had to ban him the second time.

No one was mean to Aafus at Sjhell City, except quite a few members became frustrated and aggravated with him for turning literally every thread off topic every day for a month.

The "Teddy" response was developed to show him that no one was going to take his spamming bait--that the spamming would not get him a serious response...

So that's the story. Come over and read the threads if you want to verify one version of the other....

Great issue, Guys and Gals. Please keep up the good work...

bob@shellcity {07.18.2002|18.34}

Gee--sorry for the typos above.... Next time I'll proofread better....

bob {07.18.2002|18.36}

Well guys, Bob is right. He did leave a few things out though. For one, we've come across quite a few inconsistancies when it comes to Aafuss's age, program, and other things he has said. Secondly, Gerry, from Shellcity.net started the Teddy thing. Thirdly, Aafuss never seemed to understand the fact that we only posted "Teddy" when he made off-topic posts, or spamed the board. Submitting and advertising a program is one thing, but spamming off-topic till people become agitated at your consistand, persistant, un-relenting, posts about a program that never seemed to work, well, you get the idea. The Aafuss topics still have the largest amount of posts EVER on the Shellcity.net boards.

I have no problem with someone of ANY age learning to program and promoting their product, but things need to be done a certain way or else you alienate the people and resources around you. If he has done anything correct, it is the fact that he has gotten so many people to notice and pay attention to him. The problem is, most of them, dislike him. Not because they think he doesn't have anything to contribute, but because he never contributes anything but software that I have yet to see work.

Dark Shadow {07.18.2002|23.09}

TEDDY!!!!!!! :p

Snowman {07.21.2002|22.52}

*Doreen smacks snowy upside his head!

Doreen {07.22.2002|00.04}

Doreen: Thanks for the interview. That was.....interesting.

werewolf {07.22.2002|14.15}

Rats - I was hoping to find out how Babya is actually pronounced.

Xymantix {07.22.2002|18.01}

LOL How could you carry on this interview with a straight face, Doreen?
Please, at 14, he is NOT a kid anymore. OK, if he was 8 or 9, I'd understand his behavior, or maybe even if he had only a poor knowledge of the English language. But what kind of person keeps asking 6 times the same question after having been explained 12 000 times...
No, sorry, Doreen, but there is something very wrong about this Aafuss fellow. Either he's not 14 but 9, or he's retarded, or he's playing a joke on all of us.

Paxx {07.22.2002|19.48}

(Deep breath) okay here goes lemme try to explain "my" feelings about all this & nobody has to agree cuz I don't care really, you can go yell at Ken... (The joys of working/playin on Tek) =)

well it goes like this: I did actually keep a straight face cuz I thought what if this Aafuss kid was my kid and was wondering about these msg boards really trying to get some help and he was stuborn and not listening but determined to make a little program... how would I feel if these ppl I know were treating him like this (okay that pissed me off) then I thought about all the so called "Grown ups" that hang out around skin town (you know the ones right? the ones over 21 yo?) that run w/ their tails between their legs from sites cuz of ratings and "you suck" remarks on their walls? yeah those ones! hehe
I think it takes little things to hurt and damage some ppl and what they are trying to accomplish in life (or what is important to them)
and "IF" this kid started off trying to program at only 12 years old, I think that he is smarter then some of us who are over 21 though he "may not" come across as such on the net?
and I seriously am having a bold tag fetish these days
Hmm wonders if scrolls work here...

Doreen {07.22.2002|20.11}

and paxxy I doubt he is retarded (atleast he did not come across that way via the interview, he was just kinda, maybe the word issss unique?)
Remember that famous artist that did weird stuff such as choppin off his ear? and Howard Hughs was kinda freaky in his own way alot of ppl that become or are successful seem strange cuz they are just misunderstood or cut short, that's all...

of course I could be nuts and could be wrong about everything, (won't be the first time and won't be my last I'm sure)
Aafuss could have me fooled completely! hehe =)

Doreen {07.22.2002|20.20}


I really would like to thank you for doing that interview. I don't know if anyone else could have approached it with the professionalism that you did. Aafuss CAN be extremely irritating but at least we have an idea of his motivations now. I sincerely hope he continues to grow both in ability and maturity. The net does present a wonderful opportunity for people of all walks of life to communicate with others that they would never be introduced to otherwise. I think for that fact we are all a little better.

Aafuss - Good luck, work hard, but please don't spam the message boards!

Bill Sawyer {07.22.2002|23.22}

Doreen, everybody was nice to him at first. He just behaved either like a jerk, or like somebody who doesn't understand. One must admire his tenacity though. The more I think about it, the more I read this article, I'm really starting to think that the most probably explanation is that maybe he is actually much younger. Hum... maybe 10, or maybe 11 at the most. He probably says he's 14 because we told him the minimum age for most skin site was 13.
Now, in the light that he's probably 10, now yes, I do feel a little guilty for picking on him.

Paxx {07.23.2002|05.01}

Thank you Bill =)

yeah Paxxy I think he may be younger then 14 too, not sure but I did get the feeling he was just a kid that may not have understood the answers being given to him so he chose to ignore them and keep asking, which is where the prob came in? communicating on the net is no easy task for anyone really cuz you cannot see the person you are trying to communicate w/ so sometimes things come off pretty strange.

Doreen {07.23.2002|08.15}

Age is not an excuse.

Age of lead developer of Stardock ObjectBar today: 17. Age when he wrote MacVision 14-15 (i.e. roughly Afuss's age).

Brad Wardell {07.26.2002|14.21}

If he's 10 then ok. That would make a little more sense. Maybe he's younger than 10...

Brad Wardell {07.26.2002|14.21}

As posted on the mac board of www.computing.net (taken from a forum thread on www.emaculation.com, where fussy is an active member - and yes, he originally pissed everyone off there as well with his abhorent behavior, year 9 student or no :)

Name: Anthony Mark Sulliva
Date: May 19, 2002 at 02:48:36 Pacific
Subject: What graphics applications would suit?

What graphics applications would suit a PM 6100/66 that has a 540MB hard disk drive and 16 MB of RAM,as this is the computer I use frequently in our special education unit. I know Denvba Canvas, and I'm as year 9 student ?

Anthony Mark Sullivan,
019156 (9L)
Teacher:Mr Tilley

Teddy Luver {07.26.2002|17.00}

Hmm strange... I'm just as confused as everyone else as far as the interview me & Anthony never strayed once from the interview questions you read up above so I don't know anymore then anyone else "cept I felt he is young."
Brad age has no bearing on mentality and no two ppl develop mentally the same... (too many factors involved, everyones life experience is diff and so there age & mentality will vary cuz of it) I "think" it's very hard to stick ppl into a mentality catagory using their age (as much as ppl always try to)

Doreen {07.26.2002|19.36}

there = their (and I spell like I'm 3?)

Doreen {07.26.2002|19.37}

Well there's a new Babya site (hosted for free at dk3.com and it's PHP-Nuke based):

It's free to join:
As a registered user you can:

Post comments with your name
Send news with your name
Have a personal box in the Home
Select how many news you want in the Home
Customize the comments
Select different themes
some other cool stuff...
Register Now! It's Free!

I have many news article-including news on Babya System 11.

A.A. Fussy {07.26.2002|21.34}

Just testing something. Server's acting up a bit...

craeonics {08.08.2002|17.47}

He is a retard. He has been banned from some of the mac boards too. He was trying to encourage us to use virtual pc (Emulator.) to run it. I wonder why he thinks that a mac user would want to use it? We have macs why do we want that thing. He may have been dropped on his head as a child (So not long ago.) or maybe windows does have an effect on people! Micro$oft could be involved in a court case for 'creating idiots!'

oliekirk {09.02.2002|06.51}

The only screenshots of babya-anything on DeskMod are the one's aafuss posted himself before getting banned. Which was in record time, I do believe. It wasn't so much that this application doesn't really do anything, as has already be well-stated. It's that every question anyone had, babya was the answer they got from aafuss. This got old really fast. You have to admire persistence, but to throw ones self into a community to supposedly learn from it and then ignore all advice doesn't make much sense.

adonai {09.14.2002|01.43}

I can confirm that aafus has indeed set the record time for being banned at DM. =)

hageshiku {09.14.2002|01.57}

heh, well thanks Doreen for shedding some light on aafuss

*scratches head*

eh, yeah...thanks ;o]

GUESShimself {09.14.2002|02.04}

his blabbering got old fast. as adonai said, everytime someone had a question, aafuss was quick to answer with 'Babya'. We've repeatedly told him that his program does absolutely nothing and he has nothing to reply. We ask what the program does (all 15 or however many Babya programs there are.. babyaMP3, babyaOS, etc. etc.) and he never had an answer. He may be 14, but even at 14 you have common sense of when to put up or shut up.

8ate8 {09.14.2002|11.29}

oh, and to add insult to injury, he would post his own comments about babya on winsite and various other sites saying "this is a great program, download it now!" or whatnot.

here, check winsite: [link]

8ate8 {09.14.2002|11.35}

GUESShimself: Wellllll I "tried" to shed some light on aafuss, but oh well...
(maybe he'll let me interview him again in 10 years & that interview will shed better light?) hehe

Doreen {09.15.2002|17.52}

Are you ppl friggin mental? Your actually sticking up for this guy? OMFG, what a bunch of hosers.

This moron has spammed, flooded, and lied. He has also written to Apple about any site which contains skins in order to shut them down so he can have all the glory. And you believe him? BAH!

Try researching a little more about this 'kid'...he's nothing more than a bully with VB and too much free time.

Duckie {10.09.2002|22.28}

Please check out emaculation.com and read back through the history to see how A. A. Fussy has badgered us, annoyed us, spammed galore -

Here's a start with recent threads:

Sadly, the ultimate review of Babya (OS 9.0, IIRC) here: [link]
seems to be currently down. :-(

He's nothing more than a spammer who parodies the whole "scene" of software releases, and thinks he's witty. You've seen what BabyaOS does (if anything). Check Google for "Babya" - 4,210 hits currently... :-O

- Stiletto

Stiletto {10.10.2002|09.15}

AA Fussy is THE most annoying, pathetic little git i have ever come across. He should be banned from the internet!!

Have a look >>> at [link]

JBoy {10.12.2002|11.10}

Obnoxious or not (okay, scratch that 'not'), but one might say he's a phenomenon. Or would that be pushing it?

craeonics {10.12.2002|13.12}

hehe oh my God help meeeee! I cannot stop laughing!
crae that bunny is soooo perfect! (or maybe even the lil energizer bunny would be appropriate cuz he keeps going and going and going!) hehe =)

Doreen {10.12.2002|14.01}

Keep up the good work aafuss!,.. eehh Doreen I mean..

PK {10.13.2002|16.25}

oh you be quiet PK! =)

Doreen {10.13.2002|19.15}

Guess I should put my 10c in here as well.
I guess at Wincustomize.com that we have been a 'little' more tolerant of the 'Aafuss' phenomenon....he's still able to post there....[entertainment can come in many obscure forms].
My personal view is that he is actually either quite 'younger' than 14, either in years or intellectual development, or is a school sociology project and we are the 'white mice'.

The one thing he is NOT is, as some have claimed, deliberately disruptive or objectionable.
A 'nuisance', perhaps, but not 'dangerous'...;)

If only he'd spend as much effort in listening to advice as he obviously does in telling the world just how good his No-OS-OS really is...;)

Jafo {10.14.2002|00.56}

I know Jafo I believe Anthony is a very young bunny robot too... hehe
I don't know why he does not listen at times either, but everyone is different I personally try very hard to respect that even when they get on my very last nerve! =)

Doreen {10.14.2002|01.59}

Teddy! >:]

CutTheRedWire {10.15.2002|19.52}


Unkown {10.19.2002|17.03}

This being the only page i have seen of this site im sure its very nice and all but i cant be bothered to look at the rest (Sorry.) and that means I havent read any of your rules on these posts and only came acros this again because I was seeing what my name brought up in Google.

So getting down to the point, BS (10.1 9 whatever number it is on now) Have you considered that is may actualy stand for Bull Shit. (Sorry if you dont like this.)

oliekirk {10.21.2002|12.06}

Actually oliekirk don't feel bad cuz "quite a few ppl" think that's what it stands for if you happen to read around... hehe

Doreen {10.21.2002|14.40}

i'm so tempted to reply to a post of his somewhere and show the image of "English Motherfucker! Do you speak it?!"

but seriously, he's either the dumbest person on earth, or about 6 years old. All he cares about is "let me see screenshots of babya running on your computer" and not about trying to develop the program one bit. i mean he's on version, what, 11, 12? and it hasn't changed since 4 (which is actually only like 2 version earlier)...

but i was DAMN surprised when i loaded up BabyaMP3 Player and it actually PLAYED a mp3.. like, sound was actually reverbarating from my speakers like it was supposed to! i was astonished.

8ate8 {10.26.2002|12.51}

(attempting to put on a straight face)
I'm not sure who this kid is, or where he thinks he's going, but his last icon upload to deskmod appeared to be an IE rip blurred or something, and he NEVER replies to anyone in a sensical manner. Even making allowances for his age....he drives people nuts. The replies you got here make more sense than any I have seen so far. You must be a magician.

crystalpegasus {11.10.2002|21.15}

The proper formatting of teddy is as follows:


AverageJoe {11.14.2002|05.51}


him {11.15.2002|15.09}

Finidhing off v 11.2

A.A. {11.23.2002|15.29}

Don't ask me how I came across this page. I'm a "software guy" with a very large software company, I'm pretty senior and know my way around most languages. I've been around a while now. It has always been a question, as a result of the release RAD technologies into such a large and diverse user space (by Microsoft and others), where the status quo of software quality would settle. We now have everyone from desktop office users to professional developers writing code - the entry barrier is lower and has been driven that way due to languages like Visual Basic, as a development tool in its own right and packaged with suites like Office. As a result, less and less formally trained people are able to access the powerful language features that VB provides, and build applications of their own in a remarkably short time. But there is no substitute for formal training, solid design and testing principles. I personally think that it is great to see someone as young as this empowered to create software. However from the remarks I have seen there appeared to be issues in functionality and stability - the hallmarks of a good software design that has been thoroughly tested. So I downloaded it and, to give it its due, had a look at some of its features. All I can say is that it is a start. Pseudorandomly dropping controls onto a few forms won't make an application though and many functions performed no function at all. I would suggest, rather than creating an explosion of features that simply don't work, go back to the drawing board. Design the application around a few core functions that do work and that you can test. Design the interface with ease of use and consistency in mind. Look at some of the major commercial applications to see how they have gone about their interface design. You can learn from them. If I were to rate the current version, out of 10, I would be tempted to give it the value of MIN_FLOAT but a 1 will suffice.

W {12.04.2002|13.55}

Check out this fine bug log against BS on SourceForge:

D {12.04.2002|16.00}

the kids a retard end of story...

Solarix {02.19.2003|12.56}

"Is there an option to turn of the sucking?"

And Teddy responds :
"Do you have all the required dll files, Please resumbit your request, if it has anmy problems about missing dll files."

I repeteadly keep getting the feeling someone is pulling a big one on everyone. All my common sense keep telling me no one can be this way for real, no matter age, state of mind or IQ. But to keep this hoax active for years, and do everything required like the forums posts, site, the fake program, etc... ahh.. it's a riddle.

Lowspirit {02.21.2003|16.59}

Solarix he quite possibly could have a Handicap (How would anyone of us know right?)
but if "You" were him and did and just read that I "think" he'd prefer the word "Handicap" wouldn't you or would "you" prefer to be called a "retard?" just curious... =)

Doreen {03.15.2003|11.36}


teddy. {04.26.2003|00.15}

This W person is right. Aafuss has a start, and a good one at that (hey, at least his buttons aren't checkboxes). Not everyone can use a Listview, and at 14/15, this is very impressive.

osnr {08.24.2003|13.37}

he's still pumping out programs.. i can't believe it.


8ate8 {08.31.2003|21.41}


Fluxorgy {01.06.2004|16.06}


He's now saying that we stole the idea for our icefire deskbar app from him, even though (i) We stole the idea from BeOS, (ii) icefire first appeared in 1999.

So, he'd be about 15-16 now, right? No sign of improvement then... ;-)

munkie {02.16.2004|06.20}

it is obvious that Anthony Mark Sullivan has shown no improvement what-so-ever in his programming skills. his applications are still the ugliest and most useless on the planet. babya products should continue to be avoided like the plague they are.

/3iff //ullins {03.12.2005|14.10}

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