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Art that hurts to look at

Come on be honest if you've ever seen Dark & Emotional art you know the thoughts have crossed your mind such as “What is in or on the mind of someone who creates this Dark & Emotional filled art?” well now you don't have to wonder cuz I'm nosey and had to ask! and he's one of the Best Dark Artist I've ever seen… =)

Tek: Hello n05feratu thank you for your time to do this interview for us at Teknidermy it is appreciated =)

n05feratu: Thanks to you for this interview…

Tek: Of course lets get the most personal stuff out of the way so we can play… would you tell us your real name, age, where you reside or anything else you feel like sharing?

n05feratu: Well, my name is Anwar A. López Vázquez, I usually only write Anwar Vázquez because is shorter, 25 years old and I live in Veracruz, México since I was born.

Tek: And is your occupation art related?

Xymantix: My real occupation is Teacher in Elementary School, but I love to draw and all visual arts, specially digital art, freehand and photo manipulation.

Tek: I originally spotted your work on Artuproar but then I began to notice you on DeviantArt and also, what brought you into the skinning community and when? what other sites do you upload your work at?

n05feratu: Well, I'm really new in Photo manips… the first try in art digital was in skins for winamp2… I made them for personal use, later I submited some of them to and other sites…that's the way I came to DA in 26 March 2002… my first submitions were skins… but when I saw Photo manips I was amazed with the images and concepts… so I decided to try it and leave skins… some friends teached me about photoshop because until that day I was using Fireworks… that was in june 2002… I started playing first with pics… changing little things… colours… focus and other things… then I started with my own concepts… between dark and pain… when TR saw my work they invited me to be a part of the group… the first time I'm in an art group… with a great artist and big friends… I usually submit my work to Deviantart, Artuproar, TwistedRealmz (for releases) and Yaxay, and sometimes in DeskMod but usually not because they don't have a category for Photo Manips… only wallpapers… hehehe…

Tek: So what kind of influence does being a part of an art group have on your work?

n05feratu: The influence in concepts and styles because we all make dark art but every one has their own style…tecniques… and vision of the world…

Tek: What are your favorite sites?

n05feratu: DeviantART, ArtUproar, Yaxay and Digitalart;)

I submit my work on all of them hehehehe :D

Tek: Okay I just have to cut the chase and get to the point and be honest, I stopped dead in my tracks when I first seen your work at Artuproar, my first reaction was fear, it actually scared me! and then it gripped me when I zoomed and took a closer look at the ‛work’ you actually put into the piece… (that is how I actually was effected by it)

but What do you yourself feel that people think when they view your work? or what do you want people to see and think or feel when they look at your work?

n05feratu: hehehe fear? hehehe… cool…hehehe I really don't want to shock ppl… I just trying to say what I feel… a lot of times is about memories… sometimes things happened in my actual life… and making an image is the way I confront my reality… and keep me alive… I think ppl see pain, lonelyness and desolation… I never know what reactions expect from my work… sometimes ppl say “funny” and other say “scary” I think in art, all works have to make us feel… something… art without feeling is useless…

Tek: Your art actually hurts to even look at it sometimes! but now when I see the uploads I almost know off the top of my head when I see your work that it's you! hehe

n05feratu: hehehe… well… The only thing I try, is to share feelings that I have in this moment or that I had… like I said in one work on the description “it's all about my memories” and I like to play with them… laugh of them… see the good thing of the situation… that is the inspiration that gives itself…

Tek: But why always so much pain, and emotional darkness? Is your art an outlet of such similiar emotions ‛you’ have? or is your art, just art, and simply your style and your emotions are no where near the way your art looks?

n05feratu: I really don't know… I think it is an opportunity to let my fears free… it's not necesary to be depressed for be able to create a depressing image… usually on me is for the contrary… when I'm happy I make images of decadency, lonelyness… because that is against what I try to fight…and if I'm sad I make happy images…as a way of motivation… to give me breath y let the fears be free…

no es necesario estar deprimido para hacer una imagen deprimente… normalmente en mí es lo contraio… cuando estoy feliz hago imagenes de decadencia, soledad… porque es lo que trato de combatir… y si estoy triste hago imagenes alegres…una forma de motivarme… de darme aliento y dejar salir los miedos…

Tek: Alright you explained the ‛feelings’ behind the image but where to you get your ideas for the actual ‛image‛ itself? is it from dreams/nightmares, relationships, other artist who's work you admire? (and while where at it lets drop a few screenshots of your work for the readers to see here)

n05feratu: Alot of my works were inspired in my own life… and relationships… and tales from friends… I usually mention on the descriptions where did it come from…

casi siempre menciono en las descriptions de donde proviene…

Tek: I have yet to see a happy cheerful piece of art from you, do you keep those hidden from the world or you just don't make those kind? hehe

n05feratu: hahahaha…. maybe in a nearly future… I think all is about what I feel… if I'm happy I make a dark work… If I'm sad I make a happy work…

Tek: Wellll these were about as happy and cheerful as I could find from you to show our readers… hehe

The middle wallpaper actually being a very recent Valentine Card you made and uploaded over at Artuproar (which is my mostest favoriest of your work btw)

Tek: What specific graphic applications do you use to create your art with?

n05feratu: I only work in Photoshop 7… with a mouse and kb… I just got a Wacom… so I still have to practice with it…

Tek: Do you sketch as well? alot of your designs are photo manips, are they all mainly manips of you? or do you use other peoples hands and eyes etc.

n05feratu: Sometimes I made sketches… in my notebook… and after a time I decided to make it in PS… sometimes just play with my own pics. When I started in photo manips I was using stocks photos from DA and other sites… now I've got my own camera and free time so I take my own pics… actually I try to use only my own… is harder because there's not much options… but when you have an idea and take the pics you can see the final work since the first shot… I like it…

Tek: Have you taken any art related classes or are you solely self taught? How did you train yourself to do this particular style/design of yours that you seem to have?

n05feratu: I draw on paper from a long time ago and lot of my actual works come from those draws… I never have studied design or something related…but I still think to study that in the future…

Tek: How long have you been doing this type of art?

n05feratu: Photo Manips… let's see… since July… hehehehe.. I'm a newbie hehehe…

Tek: Hmmm newbie? well I dunno about that sheesh! I cannot wait to see how far you progress then!

Have you ever tried your hand at making a skin for any skinnable applications? If so which ones? (me pictures a scarey winamp skin) hehe

n05feratu: hahahaha… as I told you… I was making skins for winamp2 but it wasn't dark… they were more static… not dark…

Tek: Would you happen to still have maybe a screenshot of your winamp skin so we can see that too?

n05feratu: Hahahaha… I delete all of them from my PC… and from Internet… I guess only a few ppl has them (if they still haven't deleted them hehehehe)

Tek: And do you have any favorite artist in the skinning community that you admire or that have helped you along in your artistic skills?

n05feratu: I always thankfull with nenina, mariano and disintegration because they teach me to use photoshop… and I admire scissor-hands because his works are simply amazing… I'm a fan of x0rcist's works and apocryph

Tek: Have you ever showcased any of your art offline in any Galleries? or is your work only available online?

n05feratu: Here in mexico is hard to be offline… there isn't galleries interested to show digital work…

Tek: What do you enjoy most about doing your digital art and sharing it in the skinning/art community?

n05feratu: I like what ppl feel…some of them send me notes with a kind comments… others told me about that's the way they are feeling actually… I think the best part is the opportunity to meet more ppl… find new friends… and improve my work with their suggestions… that's the best part…

Tek: Any advice or tips you would like to share with others that enjoy your work and want to create your similar type of designs and style?

n05feratu: My bro told me sometime ago “Practice is the base for everything… and practice without knowledge is useless…”

Tek: Do you yourself have a site of your own?

n05feratu: No… :( I was working in one but I deleted because I wasn't satisfacted with the concept… I'll make one in a near future… I hope soon…

Tek: Well n05feratu again I would like to ‛Thank you’ for giving me some of your time to talk with me, since your art made me so curious about ‛you’ =)

n05feratu: Thanks to you for this interview… :D

— Doreen, February 11th, 2003

Editor's Notes Follow-up Interview with Xymantix Skinning on the Edge Notes on Corporate Logo Design Xerraire — The Talkative One n05feratu — Art that Hurts to Look at Sell your Skin Foood for Thought Mormegil — Man or Icon Whodunnit?
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