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Skinning on the Edge

Guess what! another skin site popped up and it's called SkinEdge. Lets meet one of it's Founders & Admin named Solace

Tek: Hello Solace thanks so much for taking some time to meet with me for this interview I know you are having a voting going on tonight for which skinnable apps you guys will be supporting on your site and probably very busy, so thank you =)

Solace: It's no problem! I expect many people would be curious of who the hell I am, so this is just one step into letting people know :)

Tek: Guess we will begin with what motivated ‛you guys’ into putting SkinEdge into existence when we are seeing a sort of explosion of skinning sites popping up here and there now days in the skinning Community? (If this keeps up it won't be considered a Community but rather a small State!)

Was it from looking at other existing sites or your personal love of skinning or art hobby or what?

Solace: Actually, it was quite a unique motivation in my opinion. One day I and John, known as Giggashrume on SkinEdge, were talking and we decided we needed a challenge. I wondered what would be the hardest thing I could possibly code (in PHP), and John wondered what would be the hardest thing to develop online. A community seemed like the perfect idea. We were tired of seeing the ‛skin and wallpaper’ communities, and at the time the outcoming skinning communities were failing. So, we set out to create our own.

Tek: BTW I did notice your line up of Admins (quite impressive) but two stood out to me by their killer Avatars. I think their names were Syrogen & Pix? says one admin is 4 years old and the other one is 69? very impressive avatars for their ages… hehe

How did you choose your line up of admins and why?

Solace: lol! My entire staff comes from Artex, aside from kedmyster who comes from They are constantly silly, but they have my trust in maturity. Being in Artex, I've known them for a very long time, so it was an easy pick for the SkinEdge staff.

Tek: May I ask who did the coding and graphics work for SkinEdge? I think it's very clean & crisp looking (and your lil smilies are adorable) =)

and who thought up the “More skin than a porno Mag!” title up on top (me just caught that one when I looked up on my title bar) hehe

Solace: I did the 100% of the coding, both HTML and PHP. John did the graphics… and a great job he did too. Syrogen did those great smilies… I also love them to death! The slogan was actually a joke that somehow made it to all of the headers, but you might also see “More skin than a bag of pork rhines”, which was what John wanted it to be since he is more conservative than I am. :)

Tek: How long did it take to put this together? Was it easy or very challenging?

Solace: Wow… It has been about 5 months I suppose. It was extremely challenging! Finding a good host was a mission in itself. I went through about 5 hosts until I found the answer to our prayers, which was I'm not sure why I didn't go crazy after coding SkinEdge daily for so long… but even now the job is still not done. I still have alot of work to do to get the site to fit the people's needs.

Tek: yeah I can imagine finding the host alone as being the most challenging these days cuz I have seen other people struggling with that issue after they get their sites up =(

With the Price and Dependability as being hardest to find right?

Solace: you said a mouthful, my first host was sued for hosting illegal material another host of mine scammed me and ripped me off… lol… so it wasn't fun at the time.

Tek: oh really? *sigh* well solace you could always chalk that up to some good experience… I seen someone's quote around a skinning site “What does not kill me makes me stranger I mean stronger”. Finding a good host will build you some character I guess. hehe

so how did you come across (I've never heard of them)

Solace: Well, kedmyster from devay recommended that I try his host, which is I didn't expect much, but shawn, the owner, gave me an amazing deal.

Tek: So that turned out to be good, great! and how did you come about the name SkinEdge from a wicked dream or a casual voting amongst you and your buddies?

Solace: Actually, for a few months it was called SkinLab. We even bought the domain, but we soon found out that there was a quite popular band named SkinLab with rights to the name. Later we also learned that there was already a website called SkinLab Studios, so we decided to change it. It was definitely hard thinking up a new name… we spent a week just saying random words and adding ‛skin’ in it somewhere, like ‛skinsoup’ and ‛skinpalace’.

Tek: another tuff task specially now with all the other skin sites around huh? you can only put skin and art words together so many ways right? hehe

Solace: Yup… the second we came up with a good name, it turned out that it was taken ^_^ yea, but there's only so many ways that can sound good

Tek: exactly (or none porno)

Solace: SkinEdge sounds good, doesn't it? We weren't sure if it was hearing crappy names for a whole week finally made SkinEdge sound good, or if it was truely a good name.

Tek: no that name is good, very good and mucho better than skinsoup… hehe!!!

Solace: lol!

Tek: I'm sure you know the dreaded ‛B’ word if you've been around a while so what plans does SkinEdge have to keep things alive if ‛Bandwith’ becomes an issue? Selling things? Contest? or is it that you or one of the other admins hit the lottery so that will never become an issue?

Solace: Well, we already have about 60GB of bandwidth… so the day we have problems is far away. If we ever need more bandwidth, then I will bet that we will have to start into the money business… but I am betting that by then, we will have enough features for subscribers that it will keep us fueled with the green paper. Don't want to pull a ‛deviantART’ when it comes to bandwidth, do we? ;D

Tek: hehe no comment…

Solace: haha

Tek: So what do you think makes this particular site stand out apart from all the other skinning sites?

Solace: Sometimes its new ideas… sometimes its a fresh look. SkinEdge is just starting out, but I wanted to let the community develop those attributes that make the site stand out the most. That's why I am always listening to everyone's suggestions and ideas for the site. Give the people what they want!

Tek: and I think that is a great answer… Give the ppl what they want =)

What are your favorite features of SkinEdge? and what other future features have been discussed if any?

Solace: My favorite current feature is probably the most basics… skin submitting, viewing, and the interaction features. Right now, there aren't many unrecognizable features on the site that we all haven't seen before. However, we have plans for a skins in progress section, and two other features that have never been on a skinning site: A collab/battle section where users can work on a single skin together and the public votes on who contributed the most on the skin, and a Wanted page section where skin designers and skin coders can post on forum-like pages to show their skills and find partners to collab with. It will make it much easier for the winamp 3 designers to find coders out there, and vice versa.

Tek: Will the site be skinnable in the near future?

Solace: That is one feature that is in much despute. We are planning on a new version of the coding near May or early summer, and I am wondering if I could pull a skinnable site off. The current layout was sliced and designed to be easily templated and skinable, but its the coding that I am worried about. Most likely, I will implement the feature into the next version of the coding… but that is a huge job and there are no guarantees.

Tek: Do you want to share why you've decided to let the ppl actually vote on which apps you'll support on SkinEdge rather than make those decisions based on admin only decisions?

Solace: Actually, I already tried holding a small vote between the admins only, but the votes were just too random… one person would only care about Sonique being added, while another would care about winamp. Eventually I decided to leave the list alone until I can hold a big enough public vote where the community can hold their own opinions… After all, its a community… so why shouldn't they have the opportunity to choose what the list should be.

Tek: Well that's a good idea since it will be the ppl that will be the ones contributing to the sections =)

So will the door always be open for more skinnable app sections to be added or are you keeping the list small and light after the vote is over?

Solace: Oh yea. Eventually I will hold another vote when needed… and any time there after. Applications change, and so do popularities.

Tek: Exactly, and you don't want the site to get static and moldy, /me votes for pocket pc skinnable apps sections! (and don't listen to me cuz there is only a small handful of ppc skinners so those sections would be static and moldy) hehe

So what do you foresee and what are your hopes and goals for SkinEdge?

Solace: Its really hard to tell where the site will head. My goals are to get the community for SkinEdge as large as I can and to make the site fit their needs as best I can. My hopes are that I succeed in doing so.

Tek: With that way of thinking I'm sure it will =)

Well Solace thanks again for this time and I've personally already signed up and up'd my goofy mug avatar so I guess I will have to stick yet another link in my link bar for rounds *sigh* I'm running out of room now! hehe And I want to wish you guys goodluck on your site! =)

Solace: haha thanks man! :D

— Doreen, March 9th 2003

Editor's Notes Follow-up Interview with Xymantix Skinning on the Edge Notes on Corporate Logo Design Xerraire — The Talkative One n05feratu — Art that Hurts to Look at Sell your Skin Foood for Thought Mormegil — Man or Icon Whodunnit?
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