Fizzgig the cartoon artist with Pizazz…

Well if the name ‘Fizzgig’ don't get your attention surely his bold & blinding colorful art willlll so grab your sunglasses and lets see who is this person behind all that vivid art!

Tek: Hi fizzgig, thank you for this interview… =)

fizzgig: hiya! it's my pleasure.

Tek: Let's get the personal stuff out of the way, like who exactly is this fizzgig guy? you can share as much or as little about yourself with us as you wish… =)

fizzgig: jeez… this is like work. i saw a commercial today for adult ADD. the first half of it made me laugh…then i heard one of my ferrets snoring so i laughed at that, then cleaned the snow off of my truck so i could go to the drug store to buy my girlfriend some medicine for her sore throat. i'm sad when she's sad. gilbert godfrey is really short compared to monk…who i thought was really short.

i live in an apartment with my wonderful girlfriend, kathy. we have 3 ferrets: dapple, powder and fizzgig. when i started posting my work on various sites i needed a screen name, so i named myself after my lil baby boy ferret fizzgig, who was named after the lil fuzzy hairball with teeth from the dark crystal. i like to draw stuff that makes me smile.

Tek: Hmm interesting personal stuff there, but you left out whether or not you wear boxers or briefs? hehe

Of course I have to ask after seeing your art, if your occupation and hobby are related, since you look like you could actually do this for your living?

fizzgig: thanks. someday i'd love to draw wacky characters for a living.

right now i'm working at a recruitment advertising agency in philly. i'm on the interactive services team. sounds fancy, huh? basically i update web sites, make e-cards and fancy job postings. every once in a while i get to do some illustrations. i redraw a lot of logos and make sure our color copier has plenty of toner.

it's been a great job and i taught myself a lot of neat stuff since i've been there. i've gotten quite a few gigs through my site, which i do in my spare time.

Tek: How long have you been doing this style of art? Have you always drawn such cute characters as these since you were a kid or did this style of yours jump on you as an adult?

fizzgig: cute?…CUTE?! i was going for an eerie, sophisticated, life-changing, thought-provoking, kinda thing.

CRAP! i guess i'll have to start all over, now.

i've always drawn for myself. i just like to create things that entertain me. i've been doing it pretty much my whole life. i drew all over the box my crib came in when i was a tiny fizzgig. maybe i'll sell it on e-bay some day. you called me an adult. heehee.

Tek: hehe okay cute and eerie then! so did you fine tune this talent with special art classes or does this just come natural to you?

fizzgig: i went to art school and majored in illustration. i learned a lot there, but haven't really used anything i've learned there. i got a couple of nice portfolio pieces out of it.

the art i create now just comes naturally to me, like it always has. the only difference is that nowadays it's computer generated. sometimes i miss the dirty, grittyness of traditional media, but i'm too lazy to clean up after myself now.

i'm pretty much self-taught when it come to digital art. the hardest part was trying to capture my freehand style on a computer. i'm still working on that. i need to shave. when i graduated i said i'd never work on a computer. HA!

Tek: Ah come on it's not so bad working behind a computer, so where does your inspiration come from or do you get it from any particular artist?

fizzgig: hmmm…life in general. i always try to find the humor in everything…it makes things much easier. cartoons and comics have always inspired me. i probably drew garfield a million times when i was a kid. pretty much any sci-fi and/or fantasy art that's fun to look at interests me. some of my favorite artists are james christensen, brom, jhonen vasquez, wayshak, alex pardee, rodney matthews, mark ryden, robert williams, brian froud, wes benscoter, jon foster, gris grimly, brian despain, zzaga, angryblue…

there are a ton more, but that's all i can think of right now.

Tek: Wow I guess you know a few artist, I never heard of any of them though I maybe I've seen some of their work probably? note to self: branch out of skindom and learn other artist art and names…

Tek: What graphic app do you use to make this colorful and bold art of yours with?

fizzgig: lately i've been doing everything in adobe illustrator. i'm still using version 9.2…because i'm a cheap bastard and upgrades are usually a big let down. i occasionally use photoshop, fireworks and flash.

Tek: And I agree with you just because you see the word upgrade does not always mean it's better

Tek: Well I have to tell you I wanted to select a few of my favorites of your work to share with the readers and I could have selected every single last one of them cuz I love them all! so I had a very difficult time trying to choose only (3) and ended up picking (5) I grabbed: chrysalis, kindle, vday, seahorsie and venomic, I stilllll cannot figure out which three of these we will use for the interview. =/

fizzgig: d'oh! i hate making decisions, too. i guess i'd have to go with kindle, venomic and seahorsie. who the hell named these things?

Tek: yes I noticed the unusual names that go with them… hehe Well I ended up selecting the above by blindfolding myself and pointing to the thumbnails on my screen =)

Tek: So from begining to end, how long does it take you to completely finish one of these peices?

fizzgig: wow, that's a tough one…

if i'm doing something just for fun, it usually takes longer than a paying job. i don't think i ever really consider anything finished. there's usually something in every illustration i do that i would like to change afterwards. the great thing about vectors is that you can always go back and change something.

this interview seems like it's taking forever. i could be drawing stuff right now.

Tek: where in the world do you get this style from? how do you come up with these adorable creatures and designs? and the colors what influences the colors you choose when you color and shade them in?

fizzgig: the style probably comes from too many cartoons and too much sugar as a child. my characters all come from my sick lil mind.

i think my use of color comes from my lazyness. isn't that sad. i always hated mixing colors, so i just went with the basics. i never really appreciated art that looked realistic. i just thought “why not take a picture?”. i always liked the way orange and green looked together, so a lot of my stuff uses those colors. i tend to use blues, grays and purples so the brighter colors pop a bit more. i like my artwork to stand out from the muddyness of “realistic” work. my ceiling fan is really loud. i just like to create things that i like to look at.

Tek: /me hands fizzgig some lube for that ceiling fan

so do you do any art that is not so vividly bold and colorful or is that your trademark and style only?

fizzgig: i really like monochromatic, line and grayscale art. i love the look of sketches and pencil work. but, usually when i'm working on something, i don't consider it finished unless there are some retina-burning colors in there.

Tek: Alright maybe some would call it retina-burning colors I see it as bold and vividly exciting, but my retinas could be burned out too who knows! hehe!

Tek: Do you do happen to skin any applications at all? or do you only do this particular art?

fizzgig: i'm open to many styles of art, but this is what i enjoy most.

i try not to show too many styles, so people looking to hire me are most likely interested in what i like to create. some of my wallpapers have been used for desktop styles and stuff, but skinning doesn't really appeal to me. i try to stay away from the “technical” stuff.

Tek: That's a shame, I bet you could make some outragious Windows Media Player Skins with your colorful style and imagination.

Tek: Have you ever showcased any of your art offline in any Galleries? or is your work only available online?

fizzgig: right now, it's pretty much just online. maybe when i get a descent amount of work piled up, i'll do a gallery show or something.

Tek: What brought you to the internet? was it your art or something else?

fizzgig: my day job. i needed to learn how to create web sites. which led to a lot of surfing. i stumbled upon some art sites and was inspired to share my work with the world.

Tek: I'm glad you did too since that is how I spotted you on Artuproar it's easy to find you now when you upload something there and it's always fun to look at your work

do you upload your work at any of the other various art and skinning sites?

fizzgig: yup. you can find my stuff on,,,,

i probably forgot a couple.

i also post to a few forums every once in a while.

Tek: Well fizzgig guess we'll end our interview here since now I must go check out those above links myself and see if I can find more of your work! again thank you so much for your time it was fun interviewing you! =)

Also I might add you have a killer site set up I've already browsed around on that one too! and here is the link for you Tek readers to go take a peek at some more of his eerie, sophisticated, life-changing, thought-provoking, Bold & colorful cute art! =)

— Doreen, February 7th 2004

He draws that in Illustrator? *craeonics falls from chair
// craeonics / 603 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours and 41 minutes ago
Massive talent that guy has... I love his work
// Doreen / 603 weeks, 2 days, 10 hours and 11 minutes ago
Awesome art!!! Oh? In Illustrator? :O
// fiz / 603 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours and 59 minutes ago
Beautiful work!
// Yrgal / 602 weeks, 2 days, 16 hours and 6 minutes ago

Can't help but laugh when I see his Valentine Heart he up'd on AU last year (that one up above) the stiches, and nail stuck in it! hehe!

And here we are again almost at Valentines day, I hope he does another Valentine but I doubt it...

His art is sooo killerrrr!
// Doreen / 597 weeks, 5 days, 16 hours and 31 minutes ago

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