New and upcoming iconist!

Some of you may already have this guys icons somewhere floating around on your machine but when I came across his icons they stopped me dead in my tracks these are the kind of icons you have to take a closer look at, so lets take a closer look at this fresh new iconist cruising around in skin town…

Tek: Well to begin with I'd like to say “Thank you” Milo for doing the interview with us. sorry but I have to begin there cuz I mean it!!! hehe

miloszwl: I am happy about this interview too and thanks for inviting me :D

Tek: =)

Would you mind to share some personal information about yourself such as your name, age, where you live etc etc.

miloszwl: Well…ehr… My name is Milosz Wlazlo and I come from Poland. I live in a small town called Zdunska Wola. I am 18 years old. My favorite meals are pizza and soda water :D

Tek: 18! and you make icons like that? OMG

I'd say you have a veryyyy bright future in front of you Milo

miloszwl: Thanks. ;)

Tek: Do you work or are you still in school? wait? well in Poland I have no idea of the graduating age, so do you work? if so does your occupation/job have anything to do with graphics or making icons?

miloszwl: As you know I am 18 years old so that means I am still studying. yes, yes :D school, sweet school but designing is my part-time job :D

Tek: argh! lucky you! you've not yet entered the working world…

miloszwl: I use every second to do something new so I am always busy :D

I design everything what can be designed in this computer world, I started from skinning…well… actually theming my old windows :D

Then I started playing with html, skinning (e.g. WMP) , theming (Talisman, Astonshell, DesktopX) and programing (C++, FMOD, OpenGL) after that…

Tek: yikes! you do programming too? sheesh you were not kidding then.

miloszwl: I took my hand on creating wallpapers, icons and graphics for printing and yes I am programming too I have won 2 european prizes thanks to programming it was e.g. travel to Cyprus and staying there for week in very luxurious hotel. it was all for free of course :D

The first one was flash presentation and the second one 3D app made using C++, OpenGL and FMOD

Tek: When did you first start doing graphics and icons? and how long have you been doing this kind of work?

miloszwl: I will use some classical answer: I don't remember when it exactly happened. it was about 5 years ago or 6. I just looked at my PC and windows and I said: “it looks horrible” and then it all started or maybe it was 7 years? :D

Tek: That's about how it usually starts too… boy you were extremly young than to be stimulated by this kind of work that would mean bet 11 or 13 yo?

miloszwl: It was passion not work :D

Tek: Showing passion at such a young age for it probably means it's a true passion and that is why you will do good in the future in it.

miloszwl: The beginning was rather slow so it could be rather 6 years :D

Tek: When did you begin learning flash? was it after you started making icons so that you could create a website to host your work on or was it before?

miloszwl: I always loved drawing using pencil so drawing using mouse was not so fun at first :D

hmm I think it was before I started creating icons I remember that day when macromedia announced flash worldwide. it was dream for me. but my connection was really ugly so my dream went away for some time :/

Tek: I know, shame some programs are limited to certain areas of the globe but the internet has changed that huh?

miloszwl: It was available only via internet so I couldn't download it using my verrry slow dialup

Tek: argh! I remember the dialup days, but thank God now I have cable.

miloszwl: yeah now I have adsl but only 128kbps upload :(

Tek: well it will never be fast enough since the faster we get the more we want like with everything in life we are never satisfied.

miloszwl: I agree but sometimes sending my works to my client is a disaster :/

Tek: What are the primary programs/applications you use to do your icons and your work with?

miloszwl: I was waiting for this question hehe

Tek: uh oh your scaring me now… hehe!

miloszwl: I always used and will use in future Macromedia apps. they are really good and flexible. of course they are not as fast as Adobe's but it isn't a problem for me. so making long story short: Photoshop IS NOT my main tool :D

Tek: Do you use a tablet by any chance to draw with?

miloszwl: I have tablet but it is really poor quality and I don't have time and need to draw anything using it, going back to your question

sometimes people make me mad about adobe…

It is like Microsoft and Apple, your works are cool = you use photoshop?

you are pro = you use photoshop? you use other app? = you are not pro

Tek: nah not true, your work has the final word

Bottom line it is all about ‘preference’ for the person using it, nothing else matters but what works best for each individual.

miloszwl: yes I know but sometimes people are cruel :D

Tek: If your work is so good nobody can really argue it nor what you use if it's that gooood.

miloszwl: yes, once I had a funny situation

My new client told me what he needed (it was a poster). then he asked me what I use for creating my art. when I told that I use fireworks and other macromedia apps he told me that I will not do this poster without photoshop. I asked why? He said because only photoshop has some layers and some plugins. :/

I thought he was kidding but no :D

I didn't have time to prepare it. he just refused after describing me topic of poster :D

Tek: Well his lose not yours really I say that cuz it's no fun to work for someone that does not let you work with your own freedom of creating if they restrict you then your work will be yuk (so to speak) =)

miloszwl: That is why I didn't work with him :D

Tek: How long does it take you to make a set of icons?

miloszwl: Again that classic question :D :P

It depends on size of icon set and theme

Tek: How long did it take you to do the Mantzy theme?

miloszwl: 3 weeks (with school of course) my best time is 200 icons in 1.5 week :D but they were commercial ones :D

Tek: Making icons is no easy task I would think it would take quite a bit of time, so what sparks your inspiration and mood to sit down behind the machine and do such tedious work?

miloszwl: Difficult question…

Tek: Some say music or life outside, sometimes we get strange answers to that question =)

miloszwl: I think music and just being with people. people miss so many things. when I sit outside my school I see so many different lives around, so many different characters. it makes me dreamy and makes my imagination work, I love also watching cartoons and works of other artists but they rather help me only with the technical side of my projects.

Tek: technical?

miloszwl: yes, I mean technics of drawing or how to animate something e.g.

Tek: ahhh I see… =)

miloszwl: I love lego too ;) I was always good at it :D

Tek: Another one? this is not the first time I heard this answer, you would be surprised how many designers or artist bring up the lego thing! hehe!

miloszwl: yeah. but I always like technics more than normal lego now I play with my PC not with LEGO :D

Tek: guess lego stimulate a certain creativity part of some ppl's mind really good or something, well at 18 years old I would hope you are no longer playing with them legos! =)

miloszwl: yeah. I have to think about it when I have children :D

Tek: yeah you will have children and steal their legos from them! hehe

Tek: What kind of operating system do you do your work on? a Mac?

miloszwl: Panther 10.3.2 :D and XP, and Longhorn and Linux on my PC :D Panther it is my main tool :D

I am happy that I bought mac. I have not turned on my PC for 2 months :D I use my pc only for some schoolwork and commercial projects

Tek: Most people get stuck on only one OS which may not be good as far as business goes, however to know both is such an advantage I think.

miloszwl: yes. but thx god many artistic file formats are cross-platform :D

Tek: How popular has your icons become and do you have raging fans with icon fetishes such as me? hehe

miloszwl: Well I have some really good fans. some of them became even my friends. about popularity of my icons. well I think I am still waiting for something bigger that it is now. I hope some more people will discover my icons and try them. but I am happy about what I have now :D

Tek: How long Milo have you been sharing your icons on the net? how long and which sites host your work?

miloszwl: I started everything using some free polish hosting websites

Then I started posting my works to some popular sites. what a pity deviantART wasn't there then, I host my works since 4-5 years I think.

themexp, da, tss2000, desktopmod, and many strange forums :D

Tek: What are you plans on how you wish to use these skills of yours in the future? merely to share with others and enjoy or become world famous and rule the icon world! hehe!

miloszwl: Well, I would like to move to USA, find a good job as a designer. ruling the icon world? sure :D icons for everyone! LOL

I am also thinking about getting married in future but hmm… time will show

I know one thing for sure. I want to be me not become mirror of somebody

Tek: You should hold off on the married part find your place in the world first

Getting married young will interupt or side track you from that Milo cuz sometimes getting married messes things up there, maybe you should work on that talent of yours and everything else will follow… =)

miloszwl: no,no. it was verrry far in the future :D :D

Tek: good, okay last question, so what other icon artist do you admire who's work you yourself study to gain some ideas and inspiration off of? in other words who are your icon heros?

miloszwl: I check all new icon sets

Tek: Any favorites?

miloszwl: Everaldo, foood, and many unknown heroes :D

Tek: I'm pretty sure foood is everyones icon hero… hehe

miloszwl: I really like also David Lanham

He is one of that unknown heroes :/

Tek: Cute but no where near your caliber of icons.

Tek: Hmm and I guess that was my last question for ya so we are finished! I want to Thank you so much again for your time, this was great! and I also want to wish you much success in the future with all your work.

miloszwl: Thanks. I hope we will meet again. maybe in California ;)

If you hear people screaming “MANTZY is coming! God help us!” and some UFO flying over you it will be me :D

It will be yellow a bit plump and with big black eyes :D

Tek: That's sound easy enough for me to identify =)

As for you readers what are you guys still doing here go download some of his icons! His pad is over here

— Doreen, May 23rd 2004

First post! ;-)

Went to his website to see if he's already (why does everyone and his dog want to move to the US?!? I don't get it. At least he likes LEGO, that’s a good thing. And admitting that in this fast moving killer world shows real sangfroid ;-)) moved to the US, but the site's down.
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