Slawek Gruca

Artist and graphic designer

Yesss I can hear it now “Doesn't that girl ever interview skinners anymore!?” My answer to you isss yesss! but not today

Now that we got that out of the way let's meet a modern day artist w/ some unique and soul captivating style (and next interview up will be a skinner I promise) =)

Tek: Hello fenol thank you so much for your time to do this interview w/ me =)

Slawek: what do civilised people say in situations like this? The pleasure is all mine ;)

Tek: Would you share alittle personal information about yourself w/ us? such as your real name, age, where you reside or anything else you feel like sharing? =)

Slawek: My name is Slawek Gruca, I'm still young and I live in Poland.

Tek: Is your real occupation in any way related to the skills you apparently have in art?

Slawek: In a way yes, profesionally I work as a graphic designer. I also ‘work’ as an artist, selling my art and sometimes drawing things asked for by other people.

Tek: What about your nickname ‘fenol’, I've never seen that nick anywhere before and I've seen quite a few over the years but yours is very unique?

Slawek: I agree, it sounds quite ridiculous, idiotic even, but I like it – It has a sentimental meaning for me (Of course I won't tell you why)

Tek: Well then we will not go there (course it's gonna bug the hell out of me not knowing all through this interview)

Tek: Sooo have you taken any art related classes or is this kind of sketching just something you do naturally?

Slawek: I've finnished traditional graphic faculty at a university. I've gone through drawing, painting and sculpture there.

Tek: How long have you been doing this type of art? and what age did you begin to sketch?

Slawek: I've been drawing since forever…? So I find it a silly question honestly speaking ;) don't you ask any questions like that to people who draw or paint. We never remember! Or most of us don't…I think…;)

Tek: I just get curious if most are just born w/ artistic talent or are actually taught it later on in their life…

Tek: I spotted your work on Artuproar, can I ask what brought you there and do you have any other favorite hangouts that you post your artwork at?

Slawek: I found all the galleries that I post my works at by surfing the net. That's how I got to Artuproar and for example to Deviantart, where I post works as well.

Tek: What do you enjoy most about doing your art and sharing it in the skinning/art community?

Slawek: I extremely enjoy the process of creation itself – sometimes it seems I do have vision, but than, suddenly the result becomes an absolute suprise for me. I love this.

About sharing it online… well I suppose any artist, or a person who does something enjoys experiencing a kind of an appreciation from other people. On internet I can show it to many people, see how they react on it, how they interpret my stuff — sometimes it is a kind of discovery for me, sometimes it's just interesting how different it is from my idea.

The reason for art is to show it to see how people react to it, what kind of impact it gives. Why would I hide it into a drawer, if I can expose it to others.

It is like a test sometimes, do I still do well. If you build a car, you check how it sells, what they write about it in professional magazines, and you know: yes, I've made a good car… If you draw and people want to look at this, talk about this and experience it… you know you've made good art.

Tek: Have you ever showcased any of your art offline in any Galleries? or is your work solely available online?

Slawek: I was lucky enough to meet Anna, my agent. She in a way conviced me it is possible to do it for serious, organised an exhibition of my works, motivated me to work harder on this, which I find quite satsfying to my suprise. She sells my art, you can reach her on her e-mail if you want to buy an artwork or a print.

At the moment we are working on few projects — T-shirt designed by me, we exhibit and sell my works in different places and galleries. And what's more important we are building my web-page where you will be able to see all the works.

Tek: She sent me the link to your new site and I have to say it's gorgeous and the design definetely has a total art feel about it another words it was done beautifully and compliments the content.

Tek: And do you have any favorite artist that influence your style of art?

Slawek: Well of course! I get back to Leonard and Co. all the time. And obviously I watch my competition carefully ;)

Tek: What tools do you use to do your art with?

Slawek: Anything in a hand distance: pens, pencils, pastels, ink, knife, toothbrush…

Tek: Hmm so now we know that artist brush their teeth whilst doing their art?

Tek: When I look at your art it seems you almost sketch ‘souls’ of the charactors cuz the charactors are so soulful looking

it's hard for me to explain but where does this inspiration come from when you sit down and begin a sketch? Is it real life things going on? or movies you watch or other art work you look at or what exactly?

Slawek: Well, everything basically inspires me… constantly! Lately I've been inspired by a six-year-old son of my friends, for example.

Tek: I have to ask about the common underline theme in some of your art such as the erotic nakedness, the penis thing, and the lil devils etc why is this? so curious, I'm sorry but I just have to know!

Slawek: That I find a rethorical question. Don't you consider penis far more interesting than flower or a bee?

Tek: Umm well a penis w/ a bee on it might be interesting? hehe!

Tek: How long does a sketch take you to complete? a day, week, month, several months?

Slawek: Honestly speaking that is very different for different pictures. Depending on the theme, on medium, my power.. I am quite lazy, or rather… easy-going…perhaps… it happens I leave a picture to finish it next day, and than (which I am not proud of) comfortably decide it's done, before really finishing it.

Obviously it's not like that with all pictures. Many of them need patience and a lot of work. It happens I spend a week on a piece. And even then I could say, something more could be done. But I hate overdoing my pictures, anyway.

Tek: Do you get asked by family or friends to do sketches for them?

Slawek: Family? No way.. they are rather strange… they don't like pornography. Friends? They take it if I give it to them ehhehe

Tek: Yeahhh sure family always pretends they don't like porn. I consider myself your friend now so feel free to toss me one of your works I'll take it!

Tek: Do you find it a theraputic vent or outlet to do sketching or is it hard work for you sometimes, since alot of your sketches look pretty intense.

Slawek: Are you trying to insult me in any way??? (joke) Even if it is so, I've no idea about it yet

Tek: No of course I'm not trying to insult you it's just that it would seem by looking at some forms of art it would be used as an outlet for emotions or something (I don't really know, it's just my assumption)

but since I've been nosey enough on you we can end here but just remember I'm your friend and I want one of your works I would never insult you by not taking it! *hint* *hint* =)

And it's been great getting to know more about you Slawek, “Thanks again so much” and sorry for the lengthy delay in getting this published on Tek *cough*

don't look at that date below! (I said don't look!) *blush*

For more information about Slawek Gruca, pictures, bio, etcetera, visit his site:

— Doreen, May 31st 2004

I agree. This is pretty intense stuff. Rather dark and macabre to, but that's a common theme amongst Doreen's interview victims.
// craeonics / 591 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours and 8 minutes ago

Oh, look at the date ;-)

I have been using some of these works on my desktop, they always (often..) seem to have this nice combination of good use of colour, show a tense emotion, and still tranquil enough to use as a "background" (no offence) on a computer desktop :-)

Interesting site btw, its fun to browse!
// PK / 591 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours and 35 minutes ago
I really like the website. And the artistic content in it :) Nice interview too ;)
// Scarebear / 591 weeks, 4 days, 22 hours and 56 minutes ago
Yeah his site is unusually different too, his nav is really cool...
// Doreen / 591 weeks, 4 days, 19 hours and 40 minutes ago
great interview.
// sryo / 591 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours and 51 minutes ago
great art, great website - prima aprilis
// cris / 591 weeks, 0 days, 8 hours and 1 minute ago
fenol rulez
// lesna / 589 weeks, 0 days, 10 hours and 49 minutes ago
Hello! :)
// Mei / 575 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours and 41 minutes ago
Hi! You have nice web site!
// Martosh / 575 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours and 41 minutes ago

This inspired my poster for an west side story progected and i think the work is just brill

poppy aged 17
// name poppy / 562 weeks, 1 day, 9 hours and 41 minutes ago
Great interview. And I love the drawings and the paintings and the website. They are very inspiring and they mean a lot to me. It's nice to notice that I can still find someone who is a real artist and someone who is very, very talented, characteristic and genuine (:
// Tia / 562 weeks, 0 days, 6 hours and 21 minutes ago
// well.. / 556 weeks, 0 days, 22 hours and 34 minutes ago
comment its very nice paintings
// name FAN OF ART / 554 weeks, 4 days, 21 hours and 50 minutes ago


hi :>nice design bye :>
// mohammad reza gholami / 551 weeks, 6 days, 21 hours and 57 minutes ago
great and great
// ujotush / 545 weeks, 5 days, 10 hours and 7 minutes ago
comment beautiful congratulations
// name Mutuverria soledad / 540 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours and 43 minutes ago
simply amazing...I strive to create beauty like this, and you give me inspiration. Thank you
// Chase Fraga / 548 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours and 50 minutes ago


i like your pictures and rigth now i am in school and your school what us to paint a pic

of love think you for leting me see your pics
// name tina / 535 weeks, 6 days, 6 hours and 32 minutes ago
the 'family picture' one dipicts my family so much it is quit weird, and the others do to! these are good pieces of art btw!
// bo / 535 weeks, 5 days, 22 hours and 27 minutes ago
Help the aliens are attacking me bcuz i'm.. ~GoRŠoń FReEmAN~
// Gordon Freeman / 534 weeks, 3 days, 1 hour and 6 minutes ago
Great interview..i want to know more about this artist..haven't seen anything like his work to look out for :D
// Liam / 525 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours and 29 minutes ago
all i have to say is, your art is amazing, i am vrey into art and your art is absolutly amazing, i love it
// Megan / 525 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours and 43 minutes ago

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