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we've got issues

Contents of all Teknidermy issues released. If you want the run-on comments to make sense, you'd have to read up from the bottom, starting with issue #1.

Many of the older issues look bad. Really bad. The plan is to convert these to a somewhat more standardised form over time.

#13 | december 2004

The lapses are getting bigger. This one took eightteen months and… is bunnyless! *gasp* *horror* It primarily consists of old interviews that lay gathering dust.

#11 | October 2002

For months the scourge named aafuss had been plagueing the boards. Doreen went in to investigate who we were dealing with.

And Ken went into why we never published anything about hte controversial GUI Olympics.

#10 | July 2002

With everyone being busy with what not, we dropped the bi-monthly schedule and went for the “whenever it is done” scheme we use today.

#9 | April 2002

With Tek now down to three men, I (crae) took over the editing and packaging aspect of things. Bad decision!

In order to liven up the articles, I introduced header graphics with the crew depicted as bunnies. Drawing bunnies takes forever, but strangely enough, we did make it to the deadline.

Also, since Jumbles was no longer involved with Tek, we had find a new host. Luckily, DeskMod came to the rescue and has since been housing us.

This was the first issue in which comments could be added to articles. Just about the first time we found out what people were thinking about us.

minor note

Note that the issues below here are in various states of decay from being moved from server to server. Expect missing images and broken links.

One day they will get fixed. Yet today is not that day.

#7 | November 2001

In order to make the site less dead during issues, it was decided that we would do some news posting. Unfortunately, our admin at that time opted for the PHPNuke system. The horror! The horror!!

Issues were hacked into the already not quite stable 'Nuke system, hence error messages everywhere.

Ever since the mailbag was dropped, there had been no way to receive feedback from the readers, so a forum was introduced.

#3 | March 2001

This third issue introduces two new staff members, Gamma and Hippy, who never really did anything. Alright, Hippy redeemed himself many moons later with an interview.

The mailbag was dropped, since no-one was sending mail.

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