*Doreen rubs her eyes, howie?
craeonics: howie accounted for
howie: role call?
craeonics: One could argue it has more movement than Tek though (or LiteStep for that matter)
sryo: winamp 5.8 development woes [link]



Scroll down a bit. See that list of links on the left? It's massive! It covers just about every site about skinning I can think of.

Ofcourse there are more fish in the sea, but for now, that long list will have to do.

If you, by any chance, would want to link to us (link to Tek as an entity, that is, not specific articles or news posts), please link to http://www.teknidermy.com and not one of the subpages.

This makes it easier for us to shove things around without getting 404's.

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