TEKNIDERMY - ISSUE 8: February/March 2002

Editors Notes

Hello again,

You may wonder what happened to us in January. Our publication schedule was shifted by one month. When we started Tek, we started in November of 2000, on a bimonthly basis, leaving us owing an issue on January 1, 2001.

Having succeeded beyond our own expectations, the New Years Day of 2002 rolled up, and most of us here at Tek were smothered with family obligations and travel plans.

So as to avoid this situation, now and in the future, the Teknidermy publication schedule is shifted. This issue comes out on February 1, and following issues will be published on April 1,June 1, August 1,October 1, December 1.

If I may, I would like to reiterate the "succeeded beyond our own expectations" part up there...sometime in the past week, while I was not looking, Teknidermy Magazine had it's two hundred fifity-thousandth visitor. That would not be a big deal to a big site like DA or WC, but it is a big deal to Tek.

When this magazine started, there were those on staff who believed we should have a more interactive site, not just a magazine. They were right, and after most of a year, Jumbles developed the Teknidermy Newsstand which exists now.

This is a double edged sword. We are happy to provide the community with timely news, and happy for the constant interaction. The other side of the sword is the demon whose name has been printed in these pages so many times before - "bandwidth".

As we do more, we need more, and it costs more. Give us a hand, if you will, just by tapping that ad at the bottom of the page...or by sending us a big whopping bunch of money...whichever is more convenient for you.

Arguably, the biggest news in the skinning world is the "GUI Olympics". Some of you may be wondering why there is no "daily coverage" in Tek Magazine. TO be honest, your humble editor got off to a bad start with the subject due to the wording of the upload agreement.

And also, your humble editor cannot imagine an Olympics where there is only one event.

I do believe that it is a new and positive thing to see all the skinning sites involved in one big project. I believe that is a first, and the GUI Olympics serves to prove that this can be done.

We will report on the GUI Olympics once it is completed and can be examined as a whole, much in the same way that we present the Community Skin Project experience in this issue.

In closing, I ask for your patience and support as this little e-zine continues to grow. We will hope to serve this community in the future as we have in this first year passed.

Thanks for reading,