TEKNIDERMY - ISSUE 8: February/March 2002

Editors Notes:
...a few notes from your humble editor here at Teknidermy Magazine.

Article: Ghost in the Shell - A Bit on Shell Managers
An introduction to some gear to help you out with your shell encounters, including a peek at the four most popular shell managers, comparisons, explainations and some pointers.
by Craeonics

Interview: Skinnables.org
Skinnables.org came online towards the end of December, offering a place for coders, developers and skinners to come together & share creative ideas and work together on projects. We meet their crew and discuss the site.
by Kenray

Article: The Unwritten Rules of Skinning
Written down for your perusal, a compilation of the "unwritten rules" that are such an important part of the on-line skinning experience...
by Kenray, with help from a lot of fine, upstanding community members!

Interview: On Base at Skinbase
An introduction to gRAVE and Scarebear, operators of Skinbase.org
by Doreen

Interview: The Community Skin Experience
a brief history with CRUMBUT

Op/Ed: What's Wrong With Ripping?
Ripping...a black and white issue, right?
Surprisingly, it looks like there might be some grey areas!
...your humble editor takes a look.
by Kenray

Interview: Themebar 2.0
The new themebar program takes the modding of MSIE to a whole new level.
Tek gets the lowdown from the source.
by Doreen

Interview: Spotlight
Meet "Starving Artist" - ICQPlus Skinner of Note.

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