craeonics: Yeah, that sounds like typical cat and dog behaviour
PKtje: ..the dog prefers to be friends with out other cat. That one starts hitting him in the face the moment he comes close to her.
PKtje: New for me as well. I specialise in adopting the utter idiots of the animal world. The dog unfortunately likes to harass one of our cats. The cat decided the dog is his best friend and keeps trying to hug..
craeonics: I've never seen a dog go after slugs though
craeonics: I see I am not the only one that makes typos that completely flip the meaning


2019 | 09 | 02

01:16 | No Milk Today

This is Teknidermy. We write about skinning: customising your computer to your liking. Straying off the beaten path. The name is a combination of technology and taxidermy.

Or perhaps we can best say wrote, as the peak of skindom lies some twenty years back and it has slowly been riding the long tail into oblivion.

What lead to this? I can only speculate. Perhaps it's that people are more on their phone or tablet these days than on a regular computer. Or maybe that the walled gardens of social media have been laying waste to communities.

There's very little activity going on, though programs like WinSTEP are still going strong.

So what does this mean for Tek?

Are we still going to publish articles? That's doubtful.

Will there be news? Well, considering the drought of the last five years, don't expect much on that front either.

What do we provide then? A time capsule of a time long past.

As far as I am concerned, Tek is going nowhere, even if there's nothing happening.

/aside: About a decade back I bought a netbook, thinking I could sit on the couch and be more productive that way. Little did I know that the only activity taking place there would be falling asleep looking at cat pics.

Not to mention the impossibility of doing graphics work with a trackpad... || craeonics | comments

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