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I meant to ask you yesterday but forgot dutchy do you happen to know of any good .xml tutorials?

// Doreen / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

XML is easy. What kind of XML are you talking about? By the way, posting XML here is seen as spam, so don't try that.

In other news, I think I burned out my computer's power supply. It would randomly shut down and such. And just now it did so with a nasty high pitched sound and a smell of burning plastic.

// craeonics / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

I switched phone carriers recently and bought a Dash Smartphone (not sure that was a smart thing to do) but it seems to customize the main screen w/ your own plugins and such you need to know some XML.

This weekend I'll start a "What's on your screen" thread and bore you to death!

As for your computer issue, are you going to be able to replace that easily or what does that mean? I hate computer problems and begging for replacement parts. Hopefully you'll be able to just purchase the cord if your machine is not damaged.

// Doreen / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

XML itself is easy. And the term itself is completely meaningless. It just defines a simple way to write things down in a readable format. You need to dig up the exact syntax for use in your phone.

As for my machine, I replaced the power supply with an old one (and with "power supply" I mean the big chunck of metal in the top of the case with all the cables coming out of it) and so far it seems to be holding up fine. But perhaps I should get a new machine. This one dates back to 2000.

// craeonics / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe dutchyyy come on now 2000! we're halfway through 2007 and Vista is out, Get a new machine "It's time"

With your lil nephews growing up on me now I had to toss them both my hand me down machines and bought myself something that hopefully won't die on me every 5 mins, it's running Vista Ultimate (which is extremely good for eye candy lovers) and when I work on graphics it makes it so much easier to find files. I love it. Even though all "you" look at is a black screen you'd still like it I'm sure.

// Doreen / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

I think we went off topic but I dare anyone to challenge me about that garbage here!

// Doreen / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

Back on topic though, I pretty much mastered Pocket PC's but this smartphone is kicking my behind. hardly any apps that have a decent GUI and to customize the screen you need to write XML scripts for your homescreen to add your plugins I barely found a good Analog Clock plug in but to use it w/ my Calendar and Alarms is a nightmare!

// Doreen / 756 weeks and 1 day ago

Back off topic, if you want eye candy, check out Beryl: [link]. Blows Vista straight out of the water.

// craeonics / 756 weeks and 20 hours ago

Hmm well if you must slave behind a machine for your living that would be a good one to do it.

That looks to be a few notches above cool for sures...

// Doreen / 756 weeks and 14 hours ago

It's a Linux thing though. Perhaps if I have a new machine, I'll install that.

// craeonics / 756 weeks and 14 hours ago

This was looking pretty good to me when I first spotted it but I ended up playing w/ a PPC flavor of it until I got bored w/ it.


// Doreen / 756 weeks and 12 hours ago

Goddamnit, I come home, switch on my machine and my hard drive dies on me. The same drive that holds, amongst others, all Tek material.

I'm really going to need a new machine now.

// craeonics / 755 weeks and 6 days ago

It's time dutchy.

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm did you have a backup?

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 6 days ago

Backups are for sissies!

After hours of cursing, I got it somewhat back up running again. I'm now moving the data on the defect disk to two other drives. Slow proces.

// craeonics / 755 weeks and 6 days ago

So this means no new machine just new HD's? Cheapy!!! hehe

Get a new machine and Vista Ultimate when you can...

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm getting a new machine. Looking at cases at the moment. They're all so ugly.

// craeonics / 755 weeks and 5 days ago

Well a black or grey box can only look so sexy, this last one I ended up buying is an HP the box is a typical black gloss here's the specs on mine:


This wireless-enabled desktop is bursting with cutting-edge digital entertainment features, like an HD DVD player, a next-generation processor, Intel® Viiv™ technology and a built-in TV tuner

Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E6420, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, 640GB hard drive capacity and built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth

Windows Vista Ultimate, high-definition TV tuner/PVR, HD DVD-ROM drive, DL DVD±RW/CD-RW drive with LightScribe labeling, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT graphics and 15-in-1 media reader

But I'm sure you'll be cooking from scratch? (I just wanted an instant computer) I'm pretty happy w/ it's performance so far, now to get my job to throw that machine at work in the trash for when I go there to work...

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 5 days ago

My monitor:

Not the size that matters but the quality right? This one has the most vivid display I've ever owned so far...


// Doreen / 755 weeks and 5 days ago

And nope me seriously will not be getting my beach house in this life time cuz I'll be owing the credit card companies for my next 3 life times...

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 5 days ago

Mine will be build from scratch. The parts I'm looking into are cases, graphics cards, cpu's and motherboards. Case is relatively easy, since that's mostly about looks, but the other three are tough. The variety is immense!

I want a minimalistic, symmetric case. Most cases have all kinds of plastic junk attached to it. I think I'll pick my case from one of these:





First one is hard to get over here, thus expensive. Second one looks a bit (and actually is) cheap. Bit too kiddy. Third and fourth are similar cases.

// craeonics / 755 weeks and 4 days ago

Yikes! you picked some good ones that will be hard to choose from:

First one = Manly Sexy Clean.

Second one = As you said alilll kiddy but still cool.

Third one = Unique and Cool.

Forth one = Manly Sexy Cool (but maybe alil over kill w/ the sidepanel)

Hard to choose, but this one stands out the most


// Doreen / 755 weeks and 4 days ago

Yeah, I think I'll go for the third or fourth one. The third is a newer model, so potentially better. Have to check out reviews, prices and availability.

// craeonics / 755 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm when I like something I skip checking the review, price and availability and jussss get it!

(but that could be why I'm always in such a mess?)

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 4 days ago

'Fraid so. The difference between getting a pre-built machine and assembling one yourself is that, in the latter case, you'll have to make a lot more decisions on what to get.

// craeonics / 755 weeks and 3 days ago

But it's probably more wise since you'll be getting exactly what you want at the price "you" set and want. The only setback I see w/ you is you're such a sloth it will take you 5 years to build it! hehe

// Doreen / 755 weeks and 3 days ago

Hi Everyone

Just thought Id say hello!

Looks a great forum you are building here.

See you round very soon!

Best Regards, FlutleWex [link] - [link]

// FlutleWex / 641 weeks and 1 day ago

Since when do we have a help desk? Bloody spammers...

// craeonics / 641 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe I know (and how did he get past your fool proof filter!?)

// Doreen / 641 weeks and 1 day ago

My filter can't tell if a comment is devoid of content. And if it could half our posts would get blocked.

// craeonics / 641 weeks and 1 day ago

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